pondělí 3. července 2017

One step more :)

I´m not used to present unfinished stuff, but this was so sh*ty work, that I´m totally happy, that lace applique sewing is done. I can´t feel my fingertips 

úterý 2. května 2017

Upgrade in progress...

I started with massive upgrade of the costume for next year carnival. I repaired the headpiece and improved it a bit, cause I did not like the back side of it on pictures. I made also small flowers to make the rose "tiara" more rich. I started with creating new lace appliques for corset and dress. It contains a lot of flowers modeling :) Excuse the mess on the crafting table :p

čtvrtek 30. března 2017

So.. it´s time to say "goodbye" to Carnivale 2017

Huge decision was made - part of the kitchen will be recreated into crafting room. I´m so looking forward to create in new atmosphere! Some packages with crafting supplies arrived.. yupeee!

úterý 28. února 2017

Back from Venice with head full of inspiration

 Thanks all for pictures, I enjoyed my stay in Venice a lot. I can´t wait to come again in improved costume (again) :)

neděle 12. února 2017

I´m ready to go to Venice

This year I upgraded my costume a lot. I spent an entire year with crafting, but it was a really nice year. I bought me a sewing machine and learned how to sew. I was discovering wire wrapping, which I liked, but never tried. The project was one huge challenge. Another challenge will be to move it without an accident to Venice and back. I can´t wait to present this work to public :) I hope you will enjoy it.

čtvrtek 1. prosince 2016

I´m not sleeping... :)

Even if it may look like long sleep, I´m working on a new design for Venice carnival. But I´m excited, my mask - not finished - already won first place in a competition of the store with crafting supplies. I hope that you will find my costume outstanding. The most difficult part will be to deliver it in Venice in "one" piece.

In a couple days I should finish the headpiece :)

úterý 9. února 2016

Renfri goes to Venice Carnivale.. again :)

I updated my costume a bit, for next year I´m preparing more improovement. Its realy hard to get rich costume into a plane, so I will see how it will ends :) However, I´m looking forward to visit Venice carnivale again :)